Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

Gentle Giants

Here is another rescue that I have been asked to feature. I have found nothing but good things about this rescue and they have some really nice horses available. Their website is up to date and easy to navigate.

From their website:

"Our horses range in age and ability from young and competitive Sporthorses, to older quiet trailmounts! Some of our horses have special needs, but most just had an unfortunate run of bad luck and need a new chance at a loving home. Our efforts are supported solely by donations, adoption fees, and LOTS of volunteer sweat."

Now THERE is some volunteer appreciation!

Also from their website:

What Gentle Giants Does:
All of our horses are rescued from auctions where we are their last chance before being sold to slaughter. Our horses are chosen for their temperament, soundness, and usability. Once safely home, all horses are quarantined for a minimum of 21 days, during which we ride them extensively. All of our horses are thoroughly evaluated to aid in the best possible match for horse and rider. A successful partnership creates a bond of trust and friendship for both horse and rider, and it is our goal to find that match for every horse we save. Please check our "Available Horses" page to see if your perfect match is here!

Kudos to the "Gentle Giants" people!


Gentle Giants Draft Horse said...

Hello RWN!
Thank you so much for featuring us here- I must say I am quite flattered! I have no idea who suggested us, but I do appreciate your input, not only for us but for all rescues. I had never heard of RWN before, but I think this is a fantastic resource for people who would maybe like to donate to a horse or a rescue group that they can't physically visit themselves. And your words of advice on "what to do before you donate" are right on target! Thanks for the kind words! And may I nominate Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue for your consideration? They are superb in TB rescue, and stand heads above others like them.
Thanks again,
Christine Hajek, President
Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue

FROTH said...

Hello GGDHR, You are more than welcome. A woman named Libby recommended you. I will look into MAHR.